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Why just normalize abortion when you can rock it? In today’s blog, we’re compiling some of our favorite abortion-positive merch from all corners of the internet. We’re featuring items that we think: 1) radically combat abortion stigma; 2) contribute to organizations that are on the front lines of reproductive rights justice; and 3) will seriously up your swag game.

Shout Your Abortion

#ShoutYourAbortion became a viral phenomenon in 2015 after the US Congress attempted to defund Planned Parenthood. Since then, this decentralized network of activists has continued to encourage people from around the world to share their abortion stories. What themes have emerged? Abortion is common, abortion is health care, and abortion access is critical. Proceeds from merchandise go towards program planning and development.

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Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective

The Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective created a swoon-worthy t-shirt to raise funding for abortion access. We love how their “I’m on the pill” tagline normalizes the use of misoprostol. Why else do we love their work? Check out how they link over to our website to promote safe abortion information! Thanks, Knoxville Abortion Doula Collective!

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Alliance For Choice

Alliance For Choice has been campaigning since 1996 for free, safe, and accessible abortion care in Northern Ireland. Their recent “I’m A Life” collaboration with La Batarde and Isobel Anderson is flipping the script on what it means to be “Pro-Life.” Proceeds from sales go towards the Alliance For Choice campaign work.

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National Network Of Abortion Funds

The National Network Of Abortion Funds is a US organization dedicated to removing financial and logistical barriers that stand between a person and a safe abortion. And omg- the range of their swag is staggering. From fanny packs to mugs, earrings to t-shirts, this design team knows what they’re doing. We’ll take one of each, please.

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Thank God For Abortion

As artist Viva Ruiz watched abortion clinics across the US close one after another, she was inspired with a mission: eliminate abortion stigma, one t-shirt at a time. Thank God For Abortion is a design strategy that is reclaiming the abortion narrative. We love her unabashed positive messaging, her beautiful designs, and that 20% of all profits are donated to abortion access funds.

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Repeal Hyde Art Project

The Hyde Amendment is a piece of US legislation that prevents the use of federal funding for abortion care. Let’s rewrite that last sentence again: the Hyde Amendment is a piece of garbage that stigmatizes abortion and blocks access to a critical piece of sexual health care. The folks at Repeal Hyde Art Project have had enough of it. We can’t stop gushing over their work: it’s gorgeous, it’s intersectional, and it is ferociously compassionate.

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Know of some abortion-positive merchandise we should get our hands on? Please share! Our team is always looking to elevate platforms for reproductive rights allies.

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