12 May, 2022

Abortion and Islam

Abortion and Religion - Do you have any perception related to abortion in Islam? Learn facts about abortion and Islam and other related information.

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12 May, 2022

Abortion and Islam

Abortion and Religion - Do you have any perception related to abortion in Islam? Learn facts about abortion and Islam and other related information.

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03 Mar, 2022

Abortion Options By Trimester

There are a number of types of abortion, and options depend on the duration of the pregnancy. Read about abortion options available, advantages and disadvantages.

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17 Feb, 2022


Abortion is a basic healthcare need for anyone who can get pregnant. However, due to ethical, moral and religious constraints, access to safe abortion continues to be a challenge.

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11 Feb, 2022

Know These 5 Facts About Abortion in India

Facts about abortion in India. Abortion is legal in India, it has been for 50 years, but there's still misinformation and obstacles. Learn the facts.

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06 Jan, 2022

Abortion is a human right: Where to get support for safe abortion?

International human rights bodies have described laws that criminalize abortion as discriminatory and an obstacle for women to have access to adequate information and quality medical care.

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09 Dec, 2021

Abortions in Uganda - A Deeper Look

Abortion in Uganda occur in unsafe environments but also in clinical settings because of lack of awareness and stigma.

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01 Dec, 2021

Morality and Abortion in India

Morality in India has long been a trigger for abortion stigma. But where does it really stem from?

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18 Nov, 2021

Everything you need to know about abortion pills

Abortion Pills from A to Z, everything you need to know.

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04 Nov, 2021

What if i take the abortion pill and i'm not pregnant?

Let’s talk about what happens to our body when we use the abortion pill without being pregnant

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19 Oct, 2021

Legal abortion in Mexico: Decriminalization in Hidalgo, Veracruz and the big picture for the rest of the country

More than 100 initiatives taken by the Mexican local Congresses to guarantee abortion, of which only 3 states have succeeded in decriminalizing abortions.

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14 Oct, 2021

Medical abortion is the best non-invasive and successful option

What is the success rate of medical abortion? Up to 98%

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30 Sep, 2021

How Misinformation is increasing unsafe abortions in Nigerians

Information surrounding abortion is a very sensitive subject. A large number of young girls and women believe aharmful unsafe abortion advice which usually results in comlications.

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22 Sep, 2021

Reasons why we should all be pro-choice

In any part of the world, abortion is one SRHR topic that remains a controversial one for reasons from religious to moral, even political beliefs. This is not any different in Nigeria.

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14 Sep, 2021

Covid-19 Disproving Myths Around Abortion Pills

A number of countries have revised their abortion regulations after witnessing the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Read more about it.

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31 Aug, 2021

What You Should Know About Pregnancy After Abortion

All about pregnancy after an abortion. How much to wait to get pregnant after an abortion, the right time to get a pregnancy test after an abortion, and more.

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25 Aug, 2021

Is it safe to use the abortion pill if you have endometriosis?

What is endometriosis? It's safe to have a medical abortion if you have endometriosis? What does endometriosis feel like? Here is all you need to know!

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17 Aug, 2021

An Interview with an anti-abortion turned pro-choice feminist

Enu Otsyina, our country consultant for Ghana sat down with Makafui to discuss the events and learning that lead her to be an abortion rights ally.

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10 Aug, 2021

Abortion in Turkey - A Closer Look

If you are wondering: Do I need follow-up care after pill abortion? Here we give you the answers, find our FAQ section all about abortion with pills.

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27 Jul, 2021

So you think you know your abortion facts? Take this quiz to find out

From myths to general information.Take this quiz to find out how much you know about abortion and its facts, and realize how common abortions are.

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15 Jul, 2021

Men & Abortions - A Conversation with Joe Strong from The Masculinities Project

Interview with Joe Strong, research lead on the Masculinities Project that explore the relationships between men, emergency contraception and abortion.

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04 Mar, 2021

A Heart-to-Heart Conversation On Argentina's Landmark Abortion Victory

Argentina's abortion victory brings renewed hope for a positive impact in other Latin American countries. Check their work here.

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25 Feb, 2021

What Does It Mean To Be Pro-choice?

Pro-choice advocates believe that safe reproductive services like medical abortions should be accessible to all without legal restrictions.

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18 Feb, 2021

What happens after an abortion in the body?

Medical abortion is one of the safest, most effective medical procedures. It's the preferred method of termination for pregnancies under 11 weeks.

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11 Feb, 2021

Safe Abortions Are an Act of Self-Love and Self-Care. Here’s Why.

Safe abortion is the decision to put your health, your future, your overall well being first. It's an act of caring and loving yourself

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27 Jan, 2021

Side effects of abortion pills in India

Many women want to know what are the side effects of abortion. We talk about medical abortions and abortion pills in detail.

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21 Jan, 2021

Abortion questions you've always wanted to ask a doctor

Find all the abortion questions that You allways wanted to ask. You can have many different questions,Don’t worry, Dr. Tanaya Narendra is here.

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14 Jan, 2021

Legal and Policy Landscape in Accessing Safe Abortion Services in Kenya

Safe Abortion in Kenya. The way to reduce deaths and injuries from unsafe abortion is to remove legal restrictions on induced abortion.

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10 Dec, 2020

How To Use Abortion Pill Closing 2020: A Year In Review

A face mask portraying the 2020 pandemic. HowToUse shares the team accomplishments after a rough year for abortions about the world.

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03 Dec, 2020

When Can I Have Sex After Abortion With Pills?

After an abortion with pills, many people ask when it’s okay to have sex again. Do they have to wait? Today we talk about sex after abortion.

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26 Nov, 2020

How Do I Talk About AbortionTo My Child?

Many parents wonder how they can talk abut abortion to their child. In today’s blog, we provide a simple guide and abortion resources.

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19 Nov, 2020

Abortion In Kenya: Understanding The Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019

Abortion In Kenya: Understanding The Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2019. We analyze the abortion panorama in Kenya

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05 Nov, 2020

Abortion Story: "I can´t imagine a married woman could have an abortion"

Coumba's abortion story is part of the 73% of abortions performed worldwide that involves married women.

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29 Oct, 2020

The “Take A Break” Toolkit You Need This Holiday Season.

Take a Break Tool Kit. During the 2020 holiday season, it’s important that you find ways to take a break and nurture yourself.

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22 Oct, 2020

Abortion Rates And History Of The Abortion Pill In New Zealand

We trace abortions rates and history of the abortion pill in New Zealand. Pregnancy interruption was decriminalized at the beginning of 2020.

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08 Oct, 2020

Unpregnant: Changing The Way Abortions Are Talked About In Mainstream Media

Unpregnant (2020) a movie of abortion in the media, about two teenagers travelling 996 miles, to get a safe and legal abortion.

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01 Oct, 2020

Abortion Laws, Policies, and Implementation in Indonesia

Abortion laws in Indonesia have had a long history with barriers to legal safe abortion. Laws need to be improved, from policy to implementation.

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24 Sep, 2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Icon Of Feminist Dissent: From Fighting For Equal Pay To Legal Abortions

From fighting for equal pay to legal abortions, Ruth Bader Ginsburg “RBG” is the icon of feminist dissent we hold close to our hearts.

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17 Sep, 2020

India’s Abortion Laws Don’t Actually Include The Word ‘Abortions’: Reasons & Implications

Why Indian Laws do not use the word Abortion? The National flag of India, a gavel and the scales of justice signifying abortion laws.

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10 Sep, 2020

How You Can Support The Fight For Safe And Legal Abortion

The fight for safe and legal abortions isn’t just for the people who may seek abortions some day. Is a women fundamental right.

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27 Aug, 2020

Medical Abortion Rates and History of the Abortion Pill in Australia

A medical, or non-surgical, abortion can be done within 11 weeks of pregnancy. A combination of hormonal medication is used read more in here

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20 Aug, 2020

Abortion คือ Rates and History of the Abortion Pill in Thailand

Thailand’s history of abortion คือ laws has been regressive and discriminatory, however this has started to change recently, reflecting on abortion rates.

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13 Aug, 2020

Medical abortion and rate history Singapore

Singapore is one countrie that legally allows for abortion upon request by a woman, also Vietnam and Cambodia

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16 Jul, 2020

The History and Science Behind the Abortion Pill.

The abortion pill remains fairly recent. An abortion with pills, as we know it today, is a common term for medical abortions.

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09 Jul, 2020

Reproductive Rights

The reproductive rigths and safe abortions are human rights. Often the conversation only pertain to people who identify as women.

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25 Jun, 2020

5 Abortion Myths That Need Some Serious Debunking

They are often born out of anti-abortion agendas who deliberately try to spread misinformation. This time, we’re back with 5 abortion myths

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18 Jun, 2020

Abortion is Not a Bad Word

For the people who just starting to explore sexuality, or the ones pro choice, let´s talk about abortion

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11 Jun, 2020

Abortion Laws in Nigeria

We provide information about the current abortion laws by country. Check all the current abortion laws in Nigeria.

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28 May, 2020

COVID-19 and Abortion in Peru

All you need to know about safe abortion in Peru during the Covid-19 period. We talk about the several abortion methods and the influence of pandemia.

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21 May, 2020

Abortion amid lockdown in India

Abortions in India in normal times is equivalent to mounting a hill. In exceptional times like the COVID-19 crisis, the issue of accessing safe abortion is aggravated.

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14 May, 2020

Safe abortion in Mexico

Safe abortion in Mexico. Find here all the secure information backed by the O.M.S. We have online consultations to give you all the information

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07 May, 2020

Abortion Services in South Africa

After an abortion with pills, many people ask when it’s okay to have sex again. Do they have to wait? Today we talk about abortion services

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30 Apr, 2020

Abortion Is An Essential Healthcare Service - Here’s Why

Abortion is an essential healthcare service and needs to be taken into account during this difficult situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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23 Apr, 2020

Plan B and the Abortion Pills: What’s the difference?

Plan B, also known as the morning after pill vs the emergency contraceptive pill. What's the difference between the two pills?

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16 Apr, 2020

Do I need follow-up care after an abortion with pills?

Do I need a follow-up care post abortion will pills? Stay informed with HowToUse.

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02 Apr, 2020

Side effects of abortion pills

Today we review the side effects of mifepristone and misoprostol, the two drugs used in safe medical abortion.

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26 Mar, 2020

Abortion In Ethiopia - A Closer Look

Abortion in Ethiopia, laws and histories change according to each country and region. Found here the information for how it is in Ethiopia.

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05 Mar, 2020

Bleeding During An Abortion With Pills: What’s Normal?

Bleeding during abortion is a normal part of the experience, and it's important to know what to expect. We debrief common questions.

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20 Feb, 2020

Is An Abortion With Pills Painful?

Many women ask if an abortion with pills is painful. Here we talk in detail about medical abortion and the symptoms after taking the pills.

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13 Feb, 2020

Can My Doctor Tell I Had An Abortion With Pills?

Whether or not your doctor can tell if you had an abortion with pills may depend on some planning and choices.

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06 Feb, 2020

Who Can Have A Safe Abortion With Pills? and How safe is the abortion pill?

Who can have a safe abortion with pills? Are there certain limitations or risks to take into consideration?, we talk about common concerns.

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05 Feb, 2020

Abortion 11 weeks Expandind Accsess and have expanded their instructions for an abortion 11 weeks pregnancy

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30 Jan, 2020

What Is Abortion?

What is abortion? In today’s piece, we address this fundamental question and share resources for safe abortion access.

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23 Jan, 2020

Safe Abortion Access For All Who Need It

MSF and HowToUse have created an online training course on how to provide a safe abortion with pills. You can learn about medical abortion!

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16 Jan, 2020

Abortion, Abortions, And A Conversation About The Importance Of Language

Abortion and abortions: the distinction is subtle, but our choice of words in abortion care is critical to stigma reduction.

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21 Nov, 2019

Abortion in Senegal Part 1: Maternal Mortality And Hypocrisy

Senegal has one of the world’s most restrictive abortion laws. We explore this social hypocrisy and its impact on maternal mortality rates.

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14 Nov, 2019

How Long Does An Abortion With Pills Take?

How long an abortion with pills will take to be completed? The answer involves a few key milestones. We solve here your duobts.

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07 Nov, 2019

Can I Have A Natural Abortion Using Home Remedies?

Many women wonder if they can have a natural abortion using home remedies, but this abortion methods aren't safe for terminating a pregnancy.

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24 Oct, 2019

What To Expect During An Abortion With Pills

Every person considering a pregnancy termination should know what to expect during an abortion with pills. Today we debrief.

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26 Sep, 2019

How To Use Mifepristone and Misoprostol For Abortion

Learn how to use misoprostol for abortion and also Mifepristone. We discuss instructions, expectations, and guide step by step

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19 Sep, 2019

How To Use Misoprostol For Abortion

Considering an abortion with pills?, Misoprostol for abortion is one option. Find here a complete guide sep by setp for How to use abortion pill

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12 Sep, 2019

Does An Abortion With Pills Affect Future Fertility?

Does an abortion with pills affect future fertility? If I have an abortion, will I be less likely to get pregnant later? Let’s discuss.

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05 Sep, 2019

Abortion in Ghana: Laws, Myths & Stereotypes

Abortion in Ghana. One of the few African countries with liberal abortion laws. Here the myths and stereotypes that are related to abortion.

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22 Aug, 2019

Top 5 Most Dangerous Myths About Abortion- 2019 Edition

Myths about abortion pose real threats to women’s health and safety. Today we debunk 5 of the most dangerous abortion myths.

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15 Aug, 2019

The Unashamed Celebrities Who Are Humanizing Abortion

Pro Abortion Celebrities who step forward to share their abortion stories humanize the experience, and fight back against shame and stigma.

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25 Jul, 2019

15 Abortion Statistics That Every Abortion Ally Should Know

If you’re an advocate for safe abortion, you should be familiar with key abortion statistics from around the world.

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18 Jul, 2019

Top 10 Pro-Choice Abortion Slogans And Quotes. Perfect For Abortion Allies

We compilied a list of our top 10 favorite pro-choice abortion slogans and quotes for abortion allies. Give them a look here!

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27 Jun, 2019

How Can I Support Abortion Rights?

Abortion allies (Pro- Choice) are commonly asking how they can get involved to support abortion rights. We offer some suggestions.

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20 Jun, 2019

Abortion Positive Swag: Shop It. Rock It. Normalize It.

Why just normalize abortion when you can rock it? In today’s blog, we compile some of our favorite abortion positive merchandise.

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13 Jun, 2019

New Landmark Abortion Ruling In Kenya

Abortion in Kenya has become more accessible as the Kenyan High Court ruled that survivors of rape are entitled to a safe abortion, and that providers can be trained on safe abortion services.

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06 Jun, 2019

10 Inspiring Abortion Quotes About Self-love and Acceptance to Get You In The Mood For Pride Month

Abortion Quotes, stir up some self-love this pride month with these shareable words from LGBTQ activists and icons to live by.

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23 May, 2019

Jane The Virgin: The Secret Abortion Side Story

Jane The Virgin approaches abortion from a different perspective with their secret abortion side story. It's a matter of choice!

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16 May, 2019

Abortion History,crazy ex-girlfriend

Having an abortion can be a simple and straightforward decision process that is shame free and prioritizes your life goals and personal happiness

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09 May, 2019

Why GLOW Gets It Right: Ruth’s Abortion Decision

The abortion decision is completely individual and personal. Find on our website the necessary information, so that you can decide.

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11 Apr, 2019

Medical Abortion Terms: A Glossary Of Definitions To Know

We provide information about medical abortion: Terms-Complete Glossary to clear up all the doubts that you wanted to ask.

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04 Apr, 2019

What Are The Different Types of Abortion Procedures?

We review the different types of abortion procedures, including medical abortion (with mifepristone and misoprostol) and surgical abortion.

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14 Mar, 2019

What Can I Eat And Drink During An Abortion With Pills?

What to eat during abortion pill? We talk about good practices while medical abortion and what to eat after abortion. All you need to know.

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21 Feb, 2019

To Be Or Not To Be: Abortion In Zambia

A Abortion in Zambia is legal and Medabon (a combination of the abortion pills) is available. But for many, abortion is still hard to access.

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14 Feb, 2019

Termination of pregnancy with pills?

Is a termination of pregnancy with pills safe? Is an abortion with pills effective? Anwers to all your questions here.

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17 Jan, 2019

Pakistan's Abortion Law And Human Rights Concerns

Greenstar explains the abortion situation in Pakistan, which raises serious public health and human rights concerns. Abortion Law's and more.

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22 Nov, 2018

Marie Stopes Kenya Banned From Providing Abortion Care

Marie Stopes Kenya has been banned from providing abortion care. Unsafe abortion is a leading cause of maternal mortality in the country.

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05 Nov, 2018

A Guide To Safe Abortion At Home

An abortion at home can be a safe, private, and preferred option for many women. Read our guide to make sure you’re fully informed.

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01 Nov, 2018

Where To Buy Abortion Pills Online or Localy Safely

Buy abortion pill online or locally is possible in many countries around the world. Learn more about where to buy the abortion pills here.

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25 Oct, 2018

Misoprostol Uses | Safe Abortion | HowToUse AbortionPill

From gastric ulcers to safe abortion, misoprostol has an interesting history that has led to its many uses today.

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18 Oct, 2018

Early Signs Of Pregnancy And Early Abortion: What To Know to terminate pregnancy

What are early signs of pregnancy? And what if you don’t want to be pregnant? We discuss about how to terminate pregnancy in a early stage.

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11 Oct, 2018

What Are The Side Effects Of Mifepristone and Misoprostol?

Today we review the side effects of mifepristone and misoprostol, the two drugs used in safe medical abortion.

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06 Sep, 2018

Access To Safe Abortion Information Is A Fundamental Human Right

Having accurate information about safe abortion is a fundamental human right of women's. We believe that you have the power to decide.

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23 Aug, 2018

6 Important Things To Know Before Having A Medical Abortion

Te contamos 6 cosas que debes tener en cuenta antes de realizarte un aborto médico, también llamado aborto con medicamentos.

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16 Aug, 2018

How to Calculate Gestational Weeks in Pregnancy

How far along is your pregnancy? Follow our guide as a pregnancy calculator and calculate an accurate gestational weeks in pregnancy

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26 Jul, 2018

Abortion Counseling for a Safe Abortion With Pills

We provide abortion counseling online to women that want to have a safe abortion with pills. Free professional accompaniment.

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19 Jul, 2018

The Do’s And Don’ts Of A Safe Abortion With Pills

Is medical abortion safe? How does it work? Where do I start? We review the top 5 do’s and don’ts of a safe abortion with pills.

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12 Jul, 2018

What’s a Full-Spectrum Doula? Introducing The Doula Project

The Doula Project is a New York-based organization providing free support to people across the pregnancy spectrum, including abortion care.

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07 Jun, 2018

Debunking Myths: 5 Common Misconceptions About Abortion

Anti-choice advocates perpetuate misconceptions About Abortion . Join us as we bust their common abortion myths.

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24 May, 2018

A DIY Medical Abortion Care Kit

Preparing a medical abortion care kit ahead of time can help reduce anxiety and increase comfort and confidence.

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10 May, 2018

Abortion Questions part II

We answer two common medical abortion questions: how to have an abortion with pills and what else can I use?

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03 May, 2018

Abortion Questions

Complete answers to the most common questions about safe medical abortion, or abortion with pills, from HowToUse.

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19 Apr, 2018

The Reality Behind Safe Abortion Access: A Case Study of Mozambique

Abortion access in Mozambique requires diffusion, here some information that can be useful for women aiming to have a medical abortion.

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07 Apr, 2018

The Best Hashtag For World Health Day 2018

Abortion services are part of the comprehensive health care for women, on World Health Day. Click here and find all the information about it

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05 Apr, 2018

An Interview With An Abortion Clinic Escort

Abortion clinic escorts help women find their clinic, shelter women from protesters, and ensure women feel supported during an appointment.

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29 Mar, 2018

The Maputo Protocol Has Heen Gazetted: A Win for Safe Abortion Advocates in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has gazetted the Maputo Protocol into law, recognizing medical abortion as a woman’s right.

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01 Mar, 2018

Online Medical Abortion Course By HowToUse: Why Focusing On Pharmacists Is Critical

Pharmacists are often the first contact for women seeking abortion pills. HowToUse’s new online medical abortion course will support them.

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22 Feb, 2018

Abortion in Tanzania: Why Tanzania Needs Abortion Reform Now

Abortion in Tanzania is common despite the country’s strict abortion laws. Reliable information and safe options, however, are hard to find.

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08 Feb, 2018

Abortion In The Philippines: Behind The Country’s High Rates of Maternal Mortality

Check here for Abortion Rates in the Philipines. We see in detail abortion in the Philippines and we provide useful information for women.

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11 Jan, 2018

Marion Stevens and the Fight for Reproductive Health Services in South Africa

Marion Stevens is a South African activist fighting for women’s reproductive rights and access to safe abortion in her country.

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11 Jan, 2018

Safe Abortion in Eastern Africa: A Snapshot Of Uganda

HowToUse meets SRHR stakeholders and medical students in Uganda to improve access to safe abortion services throughout Eastern Africa.

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28 Dec, 2017

Despite Anti-Choice Rhetoric, Public Opinion shows High Support for Abortion

As noisy as anti-choice activists may be, they represent only a small fraction of public opinion. At the end is Your Body and Your Choice, no one else.

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21 Dec, 2017

Using comedy to talk about abortion: Meet the Lady Parts Justice League

An organization called the Lady Parts Justice League is taking a different approach by using comedy to talk about abortion

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14 Dec, 2017

Honoring the Experience, Holding Space: An Interview with an Abortion Doula

Abortion doulas provide access to services, information, and support for women who choose to terminate their pregnancies.

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07 Dec, 2017

Banning Pregnant Girls From School In Tanzania

Tanzania’s President proposes anti-female, anti-choice policy of banning pregnant students from returning to school

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30 Nov, 2017

Telemedicine helps women obtain safe medical abortions

Check here how Telemedicine can help women around the world to have access to a safe abortion with abortion pills.

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23 Nov, 2017

Abortion rights in Kenya, an overview of the Jackson Tali Case

Abortion in Kenya. A summary of the Jackson Tali case and the need for women to have access to safe abortion options.

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16 Nov, 2017

Why abortion allies are key to supporting women’s reproductive freedom and improving women’s health

Safe abortion options are essential to women’s health. Abortion allies are critical to ensuring these options are available to women.

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08 Nov, 2017

Desperate or Determined? The Myth Surrounding Women Who Choose To Abort

Abortion is a reproductive right. Women all around the world choose to safely terminate their pregnancies, and every reason is valid.

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31 Oct, 2017

Why Women Need Information about How To Use the Abortion Pill

Why Women Need Information about How To Use the Abortion Pill. Why sharing information about mifepristone and misoprostol is critical.

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