Abortion Laws in Peru

Is abortion legal in Peru?

It is possible in Perú to have a therapeutic abortion when the pregnancy presents a risk to the woman’s life, or a serious and permanent risk to her health.

What are the different abortion services available in Peru?

Therapeutic abortion is regulated under the Ministry Resolution No. 486-2014. The National Technical Guide was approved for the standardization of the abortion procedure by therapeutic indication for the integral medical care for the pregnant woman within the first 22 weeks with informed consent, and within the framework of article 119 of the Penal Code.

Medical abortion by pill with Misoprostol and manual aspiration.

Who can perform abortions in Peru?

Public hospitals and private clinics. There are also safe private doctors who provide clandestine abortions in Peru.

The categories of health institutions that can perform abortions are: 1-4 For Post-abortion care and II-E for therapeutic.

Where can I go for an abortion service in Peru?

You can access services in public and private clinics in case of a therapeutic abortion diagnosis, an incomplete abortion, or an abortion in process, but many barriers exist.

What is the cost of an abortion in Peru?

Abortion in hospital costs around 700 soles or more. In private clinics prices respond to their target public. Abortion in safe, private (but clandestine) clinics costs between 1000 - 1500 soles.

What are the legal and safe abortion drugs available in Peru?

Can I buy abortion pills at a pharmacy in Peru?

You can buy misoprostol without a prescription, but it can be costly to get a complete dose. The pharmacies that sell the pills without requiring a prescription are neighborhood drugstores, but they very probably will inflate the price.

The use of mifepristone is not allowed in the country.

Can I buy abortion pills online in Peru?

There are online abortion vendors. Not only do these groups sell misoprostol, but they also sell mifepristone that enters the country illegally because mifepristone is not legally sold under the Ministry of Health. In addition to inflating the price, some of these online vendors also cheat: they may not deliver the product, they may sell expired medication, or they may provide instructions that don’t correspond to the World Health Organization.

Who can I contact for additional abortion information and support in Peru?

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