27 Jul, 2021

So you think you know your abortion facts? Take this quiz to find out

Author: HTU

Abortions are common, normal and a safe procedure under the right guidance. How common are they, you ask? Statistics say that approximately 42 million abortions are performed every year, worldwide. So if abortions are so common, shouldn’t we learn more about them? Here’s a start. Take this quiz and find out how much you know.

And if you’re curious to learn more or brush up on your facts, trust howtouseabortionpill.org with your time. The website can be translated into 27 languages and our easy-to-follow direction on how to use the abortion pills will give you a clear understanding on what goes into an abortion with pills aka medical abortions.

The site also provides information on local abortion laws, and resources for 49 countries. Additionally, it also offers free and certificated abortion training courses for pharmacists, medical students, and humanitarian aid workers.

Here’s a sneak cheat sheet - brush up on your facts here before taking the quiz below to score a higher point!

Take this quiz and find out how much you know about abortion facts.

Q1 - Unsafe abortion methods are life-threatening

Q2 - The WHO enlists the abortion pills as “essential medication”

Q3 - Having an abortion does not affect your fertility in the future.

Q4 - A first trimester medical abortion is one of the safest medical procedures

Q5 - A painkiller (like ibuprofen) can help minimize the pain from cramping during a medical abortion

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